The Elvis Presley Fan Club W.A.

"If I Can Dream" 

Elizabeth Barton ( President)


Send all inquiries to either postal address or emails 

 till further notice please! 


This fan club was started because of the love that is felt for Elvis and the wish to share these feelings with others that feel the same. Elvis was such a wonderful generous man that gave so much of himself to us all and asked for little in return.

We have social events but by far the most important thing that our club does is raise funds for charities in Elvis' name.

Our club Motto is

Our Club Song is 'If I Can Dream'

Our Club Colours are Pink, Black, Royal Blue, Gold


                                                                                                            Postal Address

                                                    The Elvis Presley Fan Club WA  

P.O. Box 1361

Albany, 6331 







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